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Introduction to C

The C language was designed and written by Dennis Ritchie. It was developed at AT & T's Bell Laboratory of USA and came out in the year 1972. Even without much of a marketing since its release, the C language rose to fame because of it being simple, easy to use, reliable and in no time, its users grew to a huge number.

C language is a powerful computer programming language which can be used to create different kind of applications or system software for different platforms. The application which we can create in C language could be as simple, small as a video player and as a big, complex as an Operation System or a computer game.

C language is also mainly considered as a low-level programming language which also provides low-level access to memory locations and registers of a computer. It is not just easy to code in C language but its programs are very fast to execute, efficient and easily maintainable.

Let's us see some of the notable features of C language :

Main features of C

C language allows us to perform important Disk input/output operations such as - creating, reading, writing or modifying the file stored on the disk. To begin with how to perform such disk I/O operations in C, you may begin at our C - Disk Input/Output Operations section.

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