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Introduction to C++

The C++ language was designed and written by Bjarne Stroustrup who was working at AT&T Bell Labs, USA. He began working on it in the year 1979, in order to enhance the features of C language. Hence, it was initially called C with Classes but in year 1983, it was renamed to C++. In the year 1985, the first edition of C++ language was officially released.

C++ is a powerful computer programming language which can be used to create different kind of applications, system programming and embedded system software for different platforms. The application which we can create in C++ language could be as simple, small as a video player and as a big, complex as an Operation System or a computer game.

C++ language provides many new and enhanced features than C language, such as - virtual functions, operator overloading, improved type checking, classes, derived classes, type-safe memory allocations, default arguments, improved type checking etc. It is not just easy to code in C++ language but its programs are very fast to execute, efficient and easily maintainable.

Let's us see some of the notable features of C++ language :

Main features of C++

For more about operator overloading, please read our operator overloading.

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