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Introduction to C#

C# is pronounced as C Sharp. Its name is inspired from the musical note "sharp" i.e. , which means a semitone above the note, which in technical term implies that the C# language is a notch above the its predecessors C and C++ languages.

Looking at the hierachical picture of languages, C# is descended from C and C++, which implies that C#(besides having added its own new set of keywords) has inherited a lot of its syntax, operators and keywords from the C and C++, and it has also and inherited the object model from C++ and have further improved it. Therefore, if you know C and C++, you will be quite easy to learn C#.

C# and Java are more like cousins because both languages have been derived from C and C++. Though if you know Java then many concepts of C# will be familiar and vice-versa.

Some history and present

The connection between C# and .NET framework

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