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Applet Tag

Applet tag <applet> is required to load and start an applet either in a browser window or in an appletviewer(provided by JDK). At present, many current version of browsers such a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox(except Internet Explorer) have stopped displaying applets or recognizing <applet> tag, hence the only reliable tool to display an applet is appletviewer.

For those of you, who still wish to open an applet in a browser window need to read our article How to open an applet in an Internet Explorer browser

Note :

If a browser has stopped or restricted displaying applets, then it would just ignore the <applet> tag completely and an applet won't be loaded in the browser window.

Attributes of Applet tag

An applet tag contains many attributes that give you a good control over the your applet. Let's discuss some of these attributes :

This tag is used to specify how an applet will be aligned with respect to the surrounding content. ALIGN attribute takes any of the values : TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT, MIDDLE, ABSBOTTOM etc

<applet code ="Applet1" width= 400 height 4000 ALIGN= TOP>

As per this example, our applet window will be aligned at the top of the sorrounding content.

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