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LinkedHashMap Class

LinkedHashMap is a Map class that extends HashMap class. This class stores list of entries(key-value pairs)in the order in which they were inserted. i.e. the first element to enter the LinkedHashMap occupies the first position, the second to enter the Map occupies the second position and so on.

Important features of LinkedHashSet

Creating a LinkedHashMap

In this example we will create a LinkedHashMap to store objects in the pair of key and value, where key is a String object and value is an Integer object. By default, the map entries(key-value pairs) in the LinkedHashMap will be ordered as per their insertion order.

import java.util.*;

class LinkedHashMapDemo
public static void main(String... ar)
LinkedHashMap<String,Integer> lhm = new LinkedHashMap<String,Integer>();

lhm.put("A", 1000);
lhm.put("C", 4000);
lhm.put("B", 2000);
lhm.put("F", 6000);
lhm.put("D", 5000);


System.out.println("Iterating LinkedHashMap using Map.Entry and for-each loop");
Set<Map.Entry<String,Integer>> set= lhm.entrySet();

for(Map.Entry<String,Integer> mapE : set)
	System.out.print(mapE.getKey() + " : ");

System.out.println("Value with the key B is "+ lhm.get("B"));
System.out.println("Value with the key F is "+ lhm.get("F"));



Output is :

{A=1000, C=4000, B=2000, F=6000, D=5000}
Iterating LinkedHashMap using Map.Entry and for-each loop
A : 1000
C : 4000
B : 2000
F : 6000
D : 5000
Value with the key B is 2000
Value with the key F is 6000

Program Analysis

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