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Python - String index() Method

The index() string method determines the index of the first occurrence of a particular string value within the invoked string object.

Both forms of index() method perform a case-sensitive search, whether it comes to the search of an index of a value in a string object.

# Python - Program to find a particular value in a String.

s1 = 'Let us Jazz and jam'
s2 = 'Live and let live'

index1 = s1.index('j')
index2 = s2.index('live')

print('First index of J in ', s1, ' : ', index1)
print('First index of live in ', s1, ' : ', index2)

Output is :

First index of J in  Let us Jazz and jam  :  7
First index of live in  Let us Jazz and jam  :  13

Program Analysis

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