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Hibernate Mapping Sorted Map - TreeMap

Today we are going to understand how to persist a collection object based on a sorted map(TreeMap) collection within the database using Hibernate.

By default, TreeMap stores key-value pairs in a sorted ascending order(based on the key), hence Hibernate will store the elements mapped from a TreeMap in an ascending order. We will implement the Comparator interface to store the elements in a descending order.

Why do we have to add a collection object in an Entity class.

Let's suppose we have a class Companies containing the information such as - id, name and a Set collection of String object(representing the first name and last name of all the employees of a particular company). That's why we are going to need a collection object in Companies class, representing multiple employee names in a company.

Let's put this example to work and make it easier for you to understand the whole concept.

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