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Hibernate with Collection

An Entity object is an object of our plain old java class(POJO) Model/Business class, which needs to be persisted in a database using Hibernate.

An Entity object may contain a collection object, which contains a collection of objects of another class. This collection object is stored in a separate table, while the Entity object is stored in a separate table in the database.

So, let us understand how to persist a collection object within the database using Hibernate.

Why do we have to add a collection object in an Entity class.

Let's suppose we have two classes User_Details and Contact_Info, where -
Each user may have a couple of important email addresses or phone numbers. Hence, each user object of User_Details, could be associated with the multiple objects of Contact_Info. That's why we are going to need a collection object in User_Details, representing each user with multiple contact info's.

Let's put this example to work and make it easier for you to understand.

Note :

Creating a POJO/Entity class

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