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What is Java Database Connectivity - JDBC

JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity. It is a standard API provided by Oracle for Java applications to interact with different set of databases. JDBC uses Structured Query Language(SQL) for performing database queries like database access, storage, update or delete.

Why do we need JDBC?

Java applications converse in Java language while Databases only understand Structured Query Language(SQL), hence a Java application alone cannot communicate with a database unless there is an translation or interface between a Java application and a database. This translation or interface is provided by JDBC.


How JDBC works?

When an application wants to communicate with a database for database access, storage or query, it executes Java commands and these java commands are translated by JDBC to SQL statements, which is understood and executed by a database. The result of executing these SQL statements is sent back to JDBC, which converts it into a form which a Java application can easily comprehend.

JDBC Architecture

JDBC architecture consists of two layers -

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