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C++ strchr() function

As per the name of the function goes, strchr() function is one of the string handling library functions. The function strchr() is used to search for a particular char value in the target string(stored in a c-style char array). Both the char value and string is passed to this function. Let' see the signature of this function.

Signature of strchr()

char *strchr(const char *str, int c)

Looking at the signature of strchr() function, it is passed two parameters when it is called, where -

Here in the next code, we are going to use strchr() function to search a string for a char value with multiple occurrences and we will see what happens in this case.
// Program to find a character in a string, with multiple occurrences


using namespace std;

int main()
char arr[] = "a beautiful sky";
char ch = 'e';

char *p = strchr(arr,ch); // it prints the string after the searched char value
cout<< "String to be searched for a value : " << arr << "\n";
cout<< "char value to be searched in String : " << ch << "\n";
cout<< "Result of search : " << p;

return 0;

Output is :

String to be searched for a value : a beautiful sky
char value to be searched in String : e
Result of search : eautiful sky

Program Analysis

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